- a husband and best friend to a inspirational, loving wife.
- a father to three wonderful children whose actions and accomplishments have made life enjoyable.
- a grand-father to a baby boy who does not yet know how much he is loved.
- a son to a devoted mother who loves her family dearly.
- a brother to three amazing siblings.
-an uncle to ten marvelous nieces and nephews who make this world a brighter place.
-a cousin to many family members spread around the world.
-a friend to so many remarkable people who share the love of photography, cooking and family.
-an artist who is passionate about his chosen career as a professional photographer.

“I am committed to excellence when I work with my clients. My goal is to create the finest images I am capable of producing. Whether it is to show the love between a mother and child, the special bond between a family, or the first look between a bride and groom as the bride comes down the aisle, I look for and try to capture the inner beauty and personality in each person. A portrait made to be enjoyed today, becomes an heirloom for generations to come.”
- AJ